Saturday, July 4, 2009


We had a great 4th of July weekend! Our friend's Aaron and Natalie invited us to their parent's lake house on July 3rd. Notice there are no pictures of the kids with us. That would be because we got a babysitter for the entire day so that we could take an "adult-only" trip. We had SO much fun hanging out with friends and playing on the lake. Thanks Aaron and Natalie for the invite!

For the 4th, we went over to Michael's parent's house and hung out by the pool. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousin Aiden at Grammy J and D-Dad's house! Here are some pictures from our weekend....

Daniel, Michael, and Aaron at the lake - July 3rd.

The girls (me, Lauren, and Natalie) on the "floating island"...this is where we spent most of our time, of course!

The girls again...hanging out on the boat.

Michael was pretty worn out after the long day at the lake so he took a nap with his sweetheart the next day to catch up on sleep. Emmy calls this "nuggles with daddy." (aka "snuggles").

Michael and Cohen....I love this picture of my boys!

Michael's sister (Gina), Michael's dad, Cohen, and Aiden (our nephew) hanging out by the pool.

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  1. so jealous!! i miss the lake! you and lauren look great in the bathing suits. i have yet to break one out, don't know if this body will ever recover from baby!!! :) glad you had a good fourth!