Sunday, November 29, 2009

McKellip's Girls {Sneak Peek}

My bf from high school, Keri, was in  town for Thanksgiving  so she brought over her adorable daughter for a photo shoot.  Her sister and niece came along as well.  It was so much fun and I think we were able to get some great pics of both these adorable little girls and their beautiful moms!  Keri and Linds, thanks for coming over and asking me to take pictures for you!  Can't wait til next time....

Akin's Family....Just A Quick Preview

So normally I dont' do this but I just couldn't help myself.  This picture is from a session I had yesterday and although I haven't had a chance to edit the entire session, when I saw this picture I just HAD to edit it and go ahead and put it up on the blog.  My friend Trina gave me this idea to have some parents hold a frame around their baby for a picture.  I wasn't sure how it would look but we gave it a try and I think it is absolutely precious!  Of course it doesn't hurt that this baby girl is probably the most precious thing you have ever seen.  And look at those BLUE eyes!  There will be many more pics to come from this session later and believe me, this is only the tip of the iceberg!  Adam and Margi...can't wait to finish editing your session.  Oh, and be sure to double click on the picture so you can see it in large form....the smaller version on the blog doesn't give it justice!!!

Trip to McAlester

The Miller crew headed down to McAlester last weekend to spend some time with some very special friends of ours....The Jackson's. I was raised in McAlester and lived there for the first 16 years of my life before moving to Tulsa. The Jackson's lived right around the corner from us, went to church with us, our parents were best friends, and I pretty much don't have single childhood memory that doesn't include this family. They are more than friends to us....they are our family. We left our house at 8 am (no small feat with three young kids) and made it to McAlester in time to go to church at Lakewood Christian Church...the church I grew up in and where my dad preached for 16 years. After that we headed back to the Jackson's for lunch and to hang out with friends. My friend Joy and her family were able to come join us as well....SO FUN! Of course I had to snap a few pics of their families! Here are some of my favorites....

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Unibrow

Emmy got into my makeup and here was the result....She drew herself a lovely unibrow.  Don't worry honey....if you look like that when you grow up mommy will definitely be taking you to wax that baby!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ruefer Kids {Mini Session}

A few months ago when all this photography stuff was just getting started, I took family pictures for my friend Jamie.  She wanted to go to the hayfield but it was rainy so we ended up taking some fall pictures under some beautiful trees.  The pics turned out great but she still wanted some of the kids at the hayfield so of course we had to get some.  I met her and the kids out there the other day and we snapped a few pics.  She said she wanted candid and artistic so that is exactly what we did.  By the way....the first picture of the kids holding hands absolutely melts my heart! Hope we got what you were looking for Jamie.  If not, we'll try again! :)  P.S. - Easton was watching me do this post and started asking for his buddy.  Let's get them together next week.  He can come to our house!


Happy Birthday to the best dad and husband we could ever ask for.  We love you!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Burton Family {Sneak Peek}

I was able to take pictures for a beautiful family that I had never met before this past weekend.  Jodi stumbled across my blog after a friend told her about it and she contacted me to do their family pictures.  She is an extremely brave mom...daring to do family pictures on the same day as her daughter's birthday party!  All you moms out there know how difficult that must be!  Jodi...thank you for asking me to take your pictures.  Here is your Sneak Peek....