Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ruefer Kids {Mini Session}

A few months ago when all this photography stuff was just getting started, I took family pictures for my friend Jamie.  She wanted to go to the hayfield but it was rainy so we ended up taking some fall pictures under some beautiful trees.  The pics turned out great but she still wanted some of the kids at the hayfield so of course we had to get some.  I met her and the kids out there the other day and we snapped a few pics.  She said she wanted candid and artistic so that is exactly what we did.  By the way....the first picture of the kids holding hands absolutely melts my heart! Hope we got what you were looking for Jamie.  If not, we'll try again! :)  P.S. - Easton was watching me do this post and started asking for his buddy.  Let's get them together next week.  He can come to our house!

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