Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This baby boy.

And those blue eyes.....

And that drool-filled little grin.
So I know it is not ok to have favorites.  I love all my kids with the same unbelievable love...that kind of love that actually hurts when you look at them because you love them SO much.  That indescribable kind of love.  It is absolutely ok though to have FAVORITE AGES.  There is a big distinction between favorites and favorite ages.  For example, age two is not my favorite age due to potty training and whining issues.  Age 8 months, however, is my favorite age.  I loved this stage with all of my kids and I am definitely loving me some CoCo right now (yes we call my son CoCo and you are just going to have to get over it....sometimes someone says a nickname and it just sticks, no matter how crazy it sounds.)  I love this age because everytime I look at him, he smiles.  I love his curiousity about the world.  I love how he gasps in air and giggles with delight when his brother or sister, or even the dog plays with him.  I love his grin.  I love to hold him in my arms and rock him before he falls asleep at night.  I love how he grabs my face while I am rocking him and just looks up at me with so much love.  Did I say that I love him?  It makes me sad that I will have no more babies.  Yes, we have decided that we won't have any more babies (at least biological babies...).  I am quite sure that if I could skip the pregnancy, pregnancy weight gain, post-pregnant fat issues (for about a year which is what it takes me to lose my baby weight) and breastfeeding (no I do not enjoy breastfeeding and although I did it for all of my kids, the thought of doing it again is about to make me have an anxiety attack), I would have another baby.  Or maybe two more babies.  Especially if they were handed to me at 8 months.  Because as you can tell, I am pretty much obsessed with this age. 
P.S. - I would also like to say that my child takes a 4 plus hour nap everyday and that probably also contributes to my feelings of being obsessed with him.  I'm just sayin' probably helps.  ALOT.

Oh...and Cohen is crawling by the way.  And here is what happens to your 8 month old crawling baby when they have a poop explosion and while you are changing the said poop explosion, you look up to see your 3 year old literally falling cartwheel-style down the stairs.  You have to leave the naked crawling 8 month old to go to the aid of the screaming, freaked out 3 year old and the next thing you know, the naked 8 month old is wedged underneath the entertainment center, has probably peed on the carpet, and has definitely smeared some poop all over your Pottery Barn rug.  That's my life...."A Little Crazy but It's Nice."


  1. hahahahahaa. Sounds like a typical day at the Janssen household too. 8 months IS magical. makes me want to have another baby too......

    sort of:)

  2. He is so adorable and I can't get over those BIG blue eyes!