Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking for Prince Charming....

Emmy Grace is totally into pretending princess and dressing up right now.  In fact, if you come to our house there is a 99% chance that she will be dressed as either Cinderella, Snow White, or Belle (from Beauty and the Beast).  She got a set of princess shoes from my mom for her birthday and now she has matching shoes for every one of her princess dresses.  It cracks me up that EVERY time she puts a dress on, she picks out the corresponding shoes.  I have yet to see her with a Cinderella dress but snow white shoes....she is always matching!  So Easton had his buddy Ethan over yesterday and they were playing Star Wars on the wii.  Emmy comes down the stairs dressed to impress in her Cinderella dress and shoes.  She starts prancing in front of Ethan saying, "Ethan, do you want to get married?  Ethan do you want to dance with me and get married?"  Of course the boys were just annoyed and kept saying, "Emmy, WE CAN'T SEE THE Wii! Can you please scoot over?!?!"  She would not be deterred.  She probably asked Ethan twenty times to marry her.  Of course I wanted to be psycho mom and ask Ethan to please stop playing the wii and pretend marry my adorable cute daughter in her Cinderella dress....but I didn't.  I showed restraint.  I don't know how I'm even going to handle it when she gets old enough to start dating.  Fortunately for now, it is just all dress up and pretend.  I better enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. how in the world could a boy ignore such a cutie?!?!?

  2. Enjoy! The DAY will quickly arrive and we ALL will be a bundle of tears and smiles for our precious Emmy!

  3. You did not tell me cute is that. I will have to ask Ethan about it. You know someday the WII won't matter!!!!