Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gotta Love You Some Target

I have been looking for some extra seating for our living room since we moved in so let's see, that has been um....almost TWO YEARS.  And patience pays off because I finally found IT.  Those perfect chairs that I have been wanting.  Guess where I found them....TARGET of course!  You gotta love you some Target.  You can find just about anything there and pay next to nothing for it.  So here are my new chairs.  I love them.  Be looking for their appearances in pictures.  I have a little lady coming over tomorrow for 6 month pictures and I'm thinkin' red dress, sitting on this chair = TOO CUTE!  Here are some more pics.  Did I mention that I love Target???


  1. love the chairs and LOVE LOVE LOVE target!

  2. GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!!!