Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jackson R. {Sneak Peek}

Lauren and Jackson stopped by this afternoon for a little photo shoot.  Here are some of my favorites.  He is so darn cute!!

I love this picture.  It actually made me tear up when I saw it.  This is just life as a mother.  Lauren had no intentions of being in pictures so she just stopped by in her baseball cap with no make-up on...typical "mom attire."  But I think she looks more beautiful than ever holding her precious baby boy and you can just feel the love between them.  It reminds me of the countless hours I spent praying for them and for this specific baby boy, even though we did not know him at the time.  Jackson, you are a gift from God and C.C. loves you!  Lauren, thanks for letting me take his pics.


  1. He looks so big in these pics! I can't believe he's standing and holding onto the trike! Precious. We have to find a time for you to take Kate's pics soon!

  2. He is so so so gorgeous. Laurens not bad either ;)!

  3. Love these pics! Lauren, your little boy is a knockout! He's gonna break some hearts!