Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday Cohen!! (And Mommy's 1st Photo Shoot)

Cohen will turn 6 months old on Saturday (September 5th). We will be in Stillwater all weekend for the football game (GO POKES!) so I thought I'd go ahead and do his 6 month post before we left. This is my first attempt at doing my kid's pictures myself....Easton and Emerson had their pictures taken professionally as newborns and again at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. I decided I would give it a shot myself this time and it was alot of fun!!! Here is an update on what Cohen is up to these days:

1. Rolling over (front to back and back to front). He especially likes to roll over back to tummy in the middle of the night and then get really ticked off about it and scream until I come up there and help him roll back over to his back. It's alot of fun doing that several times a night! :)
2. Sitting up by himself (he started doing this about a week or 2 ago).
3. Eating baby food. He definitely prefers food to a bottle and still gives me a hard time about drinking milk. Sometimes he will go 6 to 8 hours refusing to drink a bottle. Obviously he is a chunky, healthy boy though so I try not to get too worried about it.
4. His favorite things to do are jump in his jumperoo, blow spit bubbles, and play peekaboo.
5. He is really into faces right now and grabs my face, nose, mouth, hair, etc...all the time.
He is an "on the go" little boy and does such a great job even though I know he gets tired. We are in the car everyday by 8:40 am to take brother to school. Then we are usually out and about running errands, going to Emmy's dance class, going to the grocery store, etc...until we pick Easton up at noon. After that we meet friends for lunch, head to the park, go to a playdate, or run more errands. He doesn't usually get to come home and take a good nap until the afternoon. He stays content and happy the whole time though which is a nice change since he screamed everytime you put him in the car seat for the first 3 months!

I can't believe my baby is already 6 months old. What a sweet, precious little boy. I am just trying to treasure every moment that I have with him...he is already growing up too fast!


  1. He is beautiful! Love those baby blues- you are doing a great job, C. So, what camera did Michael get you? And did you take classes? Your results are great! I saved one to my desktop so that I get little Cohen each time I open my laptop. : )

    Love you!

  2. AWESOME pictures! You are inspiring me here... I think I need a good camera and a class or two! You are doing an amazing job. I can't believe Cohen is already 6 months old! What a sweet baby:)
    P.S. We are so jealous we aren't going to be in Stillwater this weekend! GO POKES!

  3. LOVE the pics! Can't wait for my photo shoot this weekend=)

  4. So cute!!! I really hope I get to meet your kiddos this weekend. Your a GREAT photographer!

  5. So cute! I hope I get to meet the kiddos this weekend! You're turning into a really good photographer. Love it. Our college pics definitely didn't look this good. :)

  6. Wow! Beautiful baby, beautiful pictures. You are very talented.

    Go Pokes!