Saturday, August 1, 2009


It cracks me up how my kids use the word COUSINS. They never use a referent such as "my cousins" or "the cousins." It is always just COUSINS....because that word in and of itself is all that is required. Everytime they say it you can almost here the trumpets sounding. They LOVE their cousins. All that to say....COUSINS came to stay with us this weekend so my kids have pretty much been in heaven. The only thing that would have made it better would be if my oldest sister (who lives in NYC and is involved in a super cool ministry there-check it out here ) and her two kids would have been there to0! We miss you Rhesa! Here are some pictures of the weekend. Oh, and my sister is taking the two oldest home with her too....HALLELUJAH! She is definitely my favorite person right now.
Emmy playing peekaboo with her cousins.
Yes, more pictures of Emmy. Can you blame me? She is just so sassy in her little swimsuit!
Camdyn playing on the cell phone.

Easton deep in thought about something...

Easton getting "lovins" (as he calls it) from his big cousin Britton.


  1. Cousins have gotten so big!! I love the pic of Emmy walking... Her bow is precious. I think you should come to KC and teach me how to take pictures! i'll give you a free place to stay!

  2. Your children are beautiful!