Monday, August 17, 2009

Easton's First Day of School

Here's my "baby" boy ready to head out for his first day of school. He started the pre-K program at Jenks West this year so he will be going 5 days a week for 2 hours. He is loving it already and I got an email from his teacher saying that "Easton had a great first day!" And since I know all of you are wondering if you read my previous post about Meet The, I don't think he asked the teacher for any LOVIN'S today. At least if he did, she didn't tell me. Sporting the Star Wars backpack and matching Star Wars sippy cup. Actually, I don't think that can be called a sippy cup since it must be made out of sterling silver or something. The stupid thing cost almost $20. I had it in the cart when we were school shopping and my friend Trina informed me how much it was. Of course, I took it OUT of the cart because I am way to cheap to pay $20 for a cup! What happened after that wasn't pretty people. We are talking full-scale meltdown in the middle of Target....that's right, Easton was screaming, throwing himself on the floor, and thrashing around. I had to physically pick him up and take him out of the middle aisle and around to the back so that I could get him settled down. People were definitely staring. So I know what you are thinking....that I gave in and bought him the cup. Come on people, you know me better than that. I definitely did NOT buy it for him....still too cheap and definitely not going to give into that kind of behavior. However, when Grammy J heard about the story she went and bought the cup for him. I mean, seriously, how can a boy be expected to go to his first day of school without his matching $20 Star Wars cup? Isn't that some form of child abuse or something?!?!
P.S. - My child is not usually a brat and I have NEVER seen him throw a fit in a store like that. He normally does not get upset at all when I tell him I won't buy him something which is everytime we are in a store. This boy is just seriously irrational when it comes to his Star Wars.
The backpack....packed and ready to go!

Easton and his buddy Ethan before school. Yes, me and my friend Emily dressed our boys up in matching outfits. Yes, they are going to hate us for this when they get older. NO, we don't care and we did it anyways!
Emma, Ethan, and Easton waiting to go into school.

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  1. The star wars shirt is super cool...I bet he is totally the cool kid in school. And isn't that what grandmas are it.