Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Mac-Daddy

Easton is my cuddler. He can never get enough "lovin's from momma" as he calls it. This means snuggling and hugging. Anytime he wants to cuddle, he says, "Mom, I need some lovin's." Little did I know this term of endearment would have an ugly backfire this week when we went to Easton's "Meet the Teacher" day at school.

It started out early in the day when I told Easton we were going to go meet his teacher and he decided he wanted to draw her a picture. He drew a nice card with his name and pictures of Star Wars characters and other super-heros. We took the card with us to the school but then we accidentally left it in the car. When I realized it, here's what happened:

Me: Oh, Easton...you forgot to bring in your card that you made for the teacher. Would you like to tell her about what you drew for her (definitely thinking we were about to hear some diatribe on a Star Wars scene he had drawn for her, but OH NO. My son had something way better in store of course.....)
Easton: (Getting extremely serious) Yes (he says to her while looking up at her with smoldering eyes)....I drew a picture of me and you HAVIN' LOVINS.

That's right people. My son told his teacher that he drew a picture of him and her HAVING LOVINS. Of course this was completely innocent and actually it was his way of showing approval of her....he liked her so much that he wanted to hug her and cuddle with her like he does his mommy. But did the teacher know this?? NO! By the look on her face you could tell she was wondering what the heck to say. So here was my thought process:

1. Is this lady going to think we're some kind of freak parents who teach our kids inappropriate things?!?!
2. OH NO! She definitely DOES think we're freak parents and now is she going to call DHS on us or something?!?!
3. GREAT! My son is definitely going to be tagged as "THAT KID" in school. They are probably putting out a warning to all the mothers of the other kids in the class right now..."Look out for that Easton Miller kid."
4. Is there anyway to salvage this? Probably not. I tried to explain to her that he calls hugging and cuddling "havin' lovins" but I was so flustered at that point, I think I just sounded like more of a freak. Probably didn't help that my friend Emily was there dying laughing and saying, "Did he just say HAVING LOVINS?!?!" Thanks for throwing me under the bus Emily!

So today at 10 am we are heading out for Easton to go to his "transition day" at school. He will go for 1 hour to transition to his classroom. Hopefully there is no more talk about "having lovins." Of course, it could always be worse....last year at my nephew's "Meet the Teacher" he looked up at his teacher and pointedly said in a loud voice, "YOU ARE FAT." Yes, that would definitely be worse than "HAVIN' LOVINS."

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  1. Today was Ethan's first day at a new preschool. I am working there two days a week and he and Emma come with me. By the end of the day he had met Mia, pretended to marry her and even kissed her. HE IS 3! Hahaha. Boys and their lovin'!