Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cohen Crosby Miller - 9 months

Cohen Crosby Miller turned 9 months old a few weeks ago.  I've been meaning to do an official photo shoot but I just realized that it's not going to happen.  Life is a little bit crazy right now and to be honest, I am just in survival mode right now.  These are a few shots that I snapped the other day and I realized that they show what this little guy's life is like right now better than anything.  So here it is....Cohen Crosby at 9 months. 

Brother and sister were playing dress up and Cohen was the Cowboy.  Poor guy...they kept putting his hat on crooked.

Luke Skywalker Cowboy.  In this one, Cohen is thinking, "THANK GOD.  I FINALLY caught big brother with his guard down and I get to play with the light saber.  It will only be a matter of seconds at this point before big brother discovers that little brother has confiscated his most prized possession and he will race over and rip it out of his hands which will result in a meltdown and lead to.....

Cowboy with a Pretty Pink Princess Phone.  If he can't have brother's light saber, then sister's Princess phone will do as a nice substitute until big sister realizes that he has confiscated her most prized posession and runs over to rip it out of his hands which will lead to....

Cute little drooling cowboy with NO toys.  How does the song go, "It's A Hard Knock Life."

Good thing he has a mommy who is absolutely obsessed with him and also completely empathizes with him about what a rough life it is to be the baby of the family.  He is the sweetest baby ever.  Easy going and laid back for the most part but has a bit of a temper to him as well......he pretty much smiles and laughs constantly UNTIL someone takes something away from him and then he goes into what I like to call "freak baby mode."  If he has something in his hand that he wants and you take it away from him, his face suddenly goes crazy and he just screams and starts shaking in anger.  It is actually pretty hilarious.  He has his daddy and his Granddad's baby blue eyes, the sweetest smile I have ever seen, and when I walk into the room, he squeals in excitement and crawls to me as fast as he can.  I love it.  I love him.  I am so blessed.

A few facts about Cohen at this age:
-Length is 30 inches, 95th percentile
-Weight is 23 lbs and 3 oz, 90th percentile
-Head is 18 inches, 70th percentile
-Started crawling at 8 months and you are into everything. 
-Started saying and signing all done and bye-bye.
-Started really leaning and reaching for momma which I love of course! :)
-Started pulling up and standing on furniture and in his crib.  This is really fun because once he stands up in his crib he doesn't know how to get back down right now so he just screams and screams.  I have to go in twenty times and lay him back down.
-Taking a 3 to 4 hour nap in the afternoon.  THANK GOD!
-Eating solid foods: cooked peas, mixed veggies, carrots, cheese, yogurt, bananas, meat, waffles, pancakes, all kinds of stuff!
-Drooling NON STOP.  Still no teeth!

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