Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Parker Family {Sneak Peek}

Last Sunday we braved the wind, rain, and 30 degree weather all in the name of a BIG family picture.  These were two sisters and their families wanting to get together and surprise their mom with a family photo.  Wouldn't you know that after all the trouble to get the two families together, it rained and was freezing cold all day.  Normally I would have cancelled the session but since they had gone to so much trouble I told them that we could try to take a few pictures under a big bridge in my parent's neighborhood.  We improvised and although it wasn't the ideal situation, we were still able to get some good pictures.  I can't really post pictures of 11 people and a dog on the blog so these are some of the more candid shots that I took.  Kim, thanks for asking me to take your pictures and I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate.  Let's try again in the Spring and hope for no rain!

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