Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This picture cracks me up. This is what happens when using "Reverse Psychology" on kids. About 5 months ago I took my first photography class. I quickly became obsessed and starting practicing daily on my own kids. At this point, my children are so sick of having their picture taken that they run screaming and kicking in the opposite direciton everytime I pull my camera out. I have had several sessions lately at the house and before each session, I asked Easton if he would come in the dining room (where I take the pictures) and let me take pictures of him to get my camera all set and ready to go for when my clients arrive. Of course it was INSTANT attitude. Then, when we got in the dining room he starts covering his face, hiding from the camera, and giving me complete grief about every single thing I ask him to do....eye rolling, annoyed sighs, groaning, etc...So the last time it happened I decided to use that handy little trick that moms call "Reverse Pyschology." As soon as he started giving me the attitude, I called Nash in the room and said, "OK Easton, I don't want to take YOUR picture anymore. Nash is my helper and I want to take his picture so could you please leave the room." IMMEDIATE ATTITUDE CHANGE. Suddenly, he was begging for me to take his picture. Of course I refused and told him that Nash was the star of the show and he needed to leave. The picture above is the result and it absolutely cracks me up. After I envoked the mom's "Reverse Psychology" principle, Easton was doing anything and everything to try to get in the picture. Kids...you gotta love em. And you definitely gotta love Reverse Psychology.

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