Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Could you say NO to this???

So I realize that to some people, getting a new dog only two days after we lost our beloved Jake seems a bit soon. our critics out there I pose this question, "Could YOU say no to this?"
Or how about this? Look at those eyes....could you say NO to that?

Well....we couldn't. So meet our new dog. Nash Miller. He is precious. Already a part of the family. He is so sweet. He has such a different personality than Jake but we love him already. He is calm. Sweet. Obedient. He could care less about toys. We have tried every toy, bone, treat, etc....and all he wants is our companionship. He follows me everywhere I go. EVERYWHERE. As I type this, he is sitting right by me watching my every move at the computer. We love him already. He won't fill the hole that is left in our hearts from losing Jake, but I'm not going to lie...HE HELPS! Thanks to Ben and Heather for letting us know about Nash. They are fellow boxer lovers and when they got a call from their vet about a 6 month old boxer who needed a home, they gave us a call. We truly feel like it was meant to be!


  1. He is so sweet! We need to come and meet him...and we NEED to have a photo shoot!

  2. He is so cute! Glad the newest member is a good fit!

  3. He is adorable!
    PS I am not a critic! Just a supporter....