Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun....Rockin' It THIRTIES style!

I celebrated my 30th birthday this weekend....the theme of the night, "GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!" I had the most amazing night with 23 of my girlfriends at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It was so amazing to have ALL of my girls there....people that I have known since I was 4 years old (love you Sarah!) to people I just met 4 months ago (love you too Molly)....friends from childhood, high school, college, graduate school, church, and preschool mom friends. No matter how I met you, I love each and everyone of you and thank God for having the most amazing friends in the world!!! Thank you to each and everyone of you for coming to celebrate with me and making the night so special. And to my amazing husband, THANK YOU for the most amazing 30th birthday party EVER! And to my amazing friend Lauren....thank you for assisting my husband in the planning of said party!
Definitely one of the highlights of the evening for me and everyone else....Beyonce (aka Lauren) getting her single ladies groove on. This was pretty much hilarious!
King Vegas Suite...thanks Michael!
Birthday Toast from my girls.

Michael surprised us by getting appetizers and wine for our table....he said it was his way of thanking all of my girls for being such amazing friends to me. So sweet...thanks honey!

Yummy appetizers

I tried to get pictures of everyone but was unsuccesful somehow (I know I took a picture with Jamie, Trina and Molly but somehow it is not on mine or Alayna's camera....ugh! Sorry girls!)
Ginger (aka the trooper....this girl is 7 months pregnant and rocked it ALL night with us....even when we went dancing!!!) me, Amy, Gina, and Courtney
OSU Baseball Wives (Meredith, me, Lauren, and Natalie)

These are my girls that I met in a Lifeline group at church and now we play crazy bunko together too....Wendi, me, Mollie, and Carenza (we missed you Kenna!)

Grad school girls - Kassidy, me, and Shanna. We pretty much lived together for two years straight while we were in graduate school and have stayed close ever since.

More girls pics...Jaime, Cori, Emily, Tiffany, Sarah, and Alayna

me and Courtney....friend since high school
Alayna, me, and Sarah....LOVE these girls and we pretty much go WAY back! Sarah wins the award for knowing me the longest. We go all the way back to playdates when she was two years old and I was four. When I moved to Tulsa my junior year of high school we reunited and she introduced me to her bf Alayna....I use to drive these two around in my awesome purple Chevy cavalier. We thought we were so cool! Check out Alayna's blog here

Me and Emily...we met because our sons were in the same preschool class. Thank goodness for that because I love this girl!

Emily, me, and Jaime....more preschool mom pictures! :)

My cake

My friend Trina and I....she knows me so well and loves me enough to get me a cake because she knows of my sugar addiction! :) Thanks Trina!

Thirty red roses that my husband brought me on my birthday.


  1. I have to ask...were you there for the Spazmatics at Friction? Katie H.

  2. Yes I think that was the name of the band that was playing while we were there. How did you know? :)

  3. We were there with some friends and thought the band was funny and the club had good "people watching" so we hung out for a while. Can't believe we didn't see you gals or maybe we did....ya'll could have been who we were watching! ;-)