Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday O!

We went to our buddy O's birthday party this morning. His mommy asked me to take pictures so here are some of my favorites. We love you O! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
There really aren't any words for how much I love this picture (above). This is why I am loving it can capture a moment and you can actually FEEL the moment. Can't you just feel how much this grandmother loves her grandaughter....the way she is holding her so gently in her arms? We have had the honor to get to know Owen and Kate's grandparents over the last several years and they are amazing. Let's just say that these two little kids are blessed beyond measure to have these two people in their amazing little lives!

Birthday Boy throwin' up his age!

Little sister and Grandmother

She was just TOO cute!

Grandfather and his baby girl...

Heritage Park in Sapulpa. If you haven't been there....GO!

I know I am biased but GOSH! That little girl is cute, right?


Beautiful party guest.

O's precious little cousin.

Here's how this conversation went:
Owen: Will you marry me in twenty years Emmy?
Emmy: Yes of course I will Owen!
Owen: And yes Emmy, we will live in Tulsa and will always be no less than 5 miles away from BOTH our mothers!!!
OK...a mom can dream right?!?!

LOVE this one....precious little hands gripping onto a swing

Blowing out candles.


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