Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Retiring for You

Here's a story I had to share....

Easton and I were baking cookies for Michael this afternoon. It was just so much fun....one of my favorite things to do with him. He puts on his little apron and he's my little helper in the kitchen. I started feeling sad thinking about him growing up and not wanting to be my little helper anymore and I got a little sentimental so here's what happened....

Me: "Easton can you promise me something?"
Easton: "What mom?"
Me: "Just promise me that when you grow up and get married and have babies that you will still love your mommy and always come back to see me and let me see my grandbabies."
*Side note: Yes I know this might sound a bit psycho but it is one of my greatest fears that my sons will grow up and marry women who hate me and I'll never see them anymore and I'll never get to see my grandkids. It's cool though because me and one of my bf's Cori have a foolproof plan for how to get our daughter-in-laws to love us....but that is another post altogether! :) Anyways....back to the story
Easton: "Sure mom. I will always live with you and don't worry. I will NEVER, NEVER go to work."
Me: (Thinking to myself....uh-oh, my kid turning into "loser adult child who mooches off his parents forever" was NOT the effect I was going for) What do you mean by that Easton?
Easton: Just don't worry mom. I will never work and I will always stay at home with you because Poppa (aka Michael in grandpa years) will go to work for all of us.

Poor Michael! Looks like he will never be retiring....at least according to Easton.

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