Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Lucy {Sneak Peek}

I have been dying to get this session from Thursday edited and posted.  This little baby girl was just absolutely precious and I was so excited to see how the pictures turned out.  K - thank you for allowing me to take pictures of your little miracle.  She is absolutely beautiful and I will look forward to taking some more pics of this little cute in the future!  Hope you like what we got.

P.S. - I am really trying to only post my top 5 favorite pictures for Sneak Peeks!  I could have easily posted 20 pictures from this session but unfortunately, the blog just can't handle it!  I will have 5 sessions from this week to post so I have to start being choosy.  K - you will have to come pick up your DVD so you can see the rest!

Something about these next two pictures (above and below) just melt my heart.  The way she is looking up at her's just beautiful.

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