Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Artistic....

The kids are absolutely loving coloring and painting lately.  Easton actually wants to paint, draw, or color for hours at a time.  NO complaints from this mom.  Although I have no idea as to the coloring abilities of other 4 year-olds, I have to say that this mom thinks he is pretty darn good!  Emmy Grace has been getting in on the action as well.  She likes to paint "My Little Pony" coloring Pages and Easton colors, what else...."STAR WARS."

Littlest brother has to get in on the action....which consists of stealing markers and crawling off with them as fast as he can.  Here he is with a stolen marker trying to provoke the dog.  Yes, my door is that dirty.  Please don't look at it.  I have given up on cleaning the glass because no matter how much I clean it, Nash gets it dirty.

Easton hard at work.

Notice the open mouth.  He narrates the entire time he is drawing.  It is freaking hilarious.  For example, if he is coloring a picture of Obi-Wan-Kenobi...."Obi Wan...defender of the galaxy.  He will save everyone from the evil General Grievous.  Obi Wan jumps in his X-wing speeder and flys off at hydrospeed." Not really sure what hydrospeed is but when I asked him, he says it is on the "movie with three eyes."  That is how he refers to the movies....I think it has something to do with the picture on the front of the DVD.  Again, not really sure.  It definitely makes sense to him though.

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