Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miller Party of Five: Quotes of the Week

So I have started a new addition to my blog: "Miller Party of Five: Quotes of the Week."  Throughout the week as my kids do something or say something that I want to remember, I am writing myself a note on a notepad.  Then, on Sundays, I am going to type them up and post them.  I want to be able to remember some of these stories because some of them are just so stinkin' funny....or at least I think so.  Hope you get an occasional laugh out of them too.

1.  Easton's "mommy gender confusion."
Me:  "Easton, I am SO glad we got to have a special day together.  Thanks for hanging out with me."
Easton:  "It's cool, mom.  That's what BROTHERS do."
 Me: (Thinking to myself) Does he really think I am his brother?!?!  More importantly, do I look like a boy?  *Note to self: STOP wearing baseball hats everyday and START wearing makeup every once in awhile.

2. Easton and his bff fighting over who was going to marry Emmy. They are literally both grabbing onto an arm and yanking her back and forth in each direction.
Easton: "NO! I am going to marry Emmy. She is MY sister."
Logan: "No, Easton. Brothers and sisters do not marry one another so I will marry Emmy and you can marry MY sister (side note: his mom is pregnant right now but they have not found out what they are having. However, Logan insists it is a girl and has already named her "Sydney" apparently).
Easton: "NOOOOO! I want to marry Emmy. Giver her to me!" (Almost yanking Emmy's arm out of socket)
Logan: (very calm and logical) "Now Easton. You are going to marry Sydney and I will marry Emmy and we will always be bestfriends."
Easton: (looking at me with the biggest crocodile tears welling up in his eyes EVER) "But mom, I HAVE to marry Emmy....BECAUSE SHE IS JUST....SO....BEAUTIFUL!!!!" OK seriously?!?! How sweet is that?

3.  Emmy's question about the gym: "Why do we have to go to the gym mommy?"
Easton: (slightly annoyed and exasperated in a "know it all" tone) Loud sigh...."BECAUSE Emmy.  Mommy's have to go the gym because they had babies in their tummys."
(Can I get an AMEN to that!)

4.  Mommy Kisses.
Me: "OK guys!  I have a special treat for you guys if you get your pj's on by yourself and super fast!"
Easton and Emmy: "WHAT IS IT?!?!  WHAT IS IT?!?!:
Me: "It's a surprise."
Easton: "OK mom!  I got my pajama's on super fast.  Where's my surprise?"
Me: (Improvising at this point because I realized I am all the way upstairs, I forgot to grab the "special treat," and I am too lazy to carry my almost 30 pound 11 month old back down the stairs again unless I absolutely have to.)  "YAY Easton!  You get a.....(slight pause for anticipation to try to make the surprise sound really cool) KISS FROM MOMMY!
Easton: (total "disappointed face") "Ahhh Man!  I thought it was going to be a COOL surprise or something."
*Note to self:  Mommy kisses no longer qualify as "COOL" anymore.

5.  Emmy at the doctor's office.
Emmy: (talking to the doctor while he was trying to listen to little brother's breathing who ended up having RSV by the way) "Dr. Baker. Look at my eyes." (smooshing her glasses to the side and sticking her finger in her eye whilte getting all up in the doctor's personal space.)"Dr. Baker....LOOK AT MY EYES."
Me: "Emmy, Dr. Baker is trying to help Cohen because he is sick.  You need to leave him alone."
Emmy: "But I just want to show him that I have brown eyes....because that's what color God gave me."

What funny things did your kids say or do this week?!?!


  1. Really funny.....Katie (Mandy's bestie from the Tulsa party) here! Took me two months to get to your blog....wish I would have done it earlier. Emmy's glasses are so cute and she wears them so well....impressed. Your pictures are awesome too! Keep the quotes comin'!

  2. I love it! You have had Justin and I in tears between this post and the one on emmy's baby in time out! You crack me up. Thanks for sharing!