Friday, January 29, 2010

Girl = DRAMA!

I am beginning to notice some major differences between boys and girls the older that Emmy gets.  At least my boy and girl that is.  For instance, the other day big brother and little momma BOTH got in trouble for a bad report while we were eating at a restaurant with friends.  The result: both kids had to put their favorite toy in time out for the rest of the day when we got home.  We are very big on choices in our house.  For example, good choices = good consequences (i.e. act good at a restaurant = you get to watch a movie in the car on the way home) but bad choices = bad consequences (i.e. spill two drinks because you are standing up in the benches, knocking over baskets of tortilla chips onto the ground, fighting with each other, and getting out of your seats to run around the restaurant like little crazies = you get your favorite toy put in time out when you get home.)

Easton had to put one of his Star Wars characters in Time Out (you can barely see it sitting next to Emmy's doll).  His response: "OK mom.  Here you go.  When I get a good report can I get it out of time out?"

Little momma had to put her precious "Baby Nana" in timeout.  Her response: DRAMA.(30 minutes of it to be exact.)

Drama queen: take one.
Try persuasive tactics and maneuvers.
***Stand and stare at the doll for 15 minutes with your head slightly cocked to the left while crying uncotrollably and fogging up your glasses (see picture below) and using choice phrases such as:

1.”But she’s my Baby FAVORITE baby.”
2. “But I NEED her. I love her so much.”
3. “I love her so very, very, very much.”
4. “But I love her more than any other baby.”
5. “But Santa brought her to me and she’s my baby.” (Hmmmm...that’s an interesting angle I had never thought of.”
6. But she doesn’t like the time out chair. Baby Nana neds her mommy.”

Drama queen: take two.
Hit mom where it hurts by moving into "manipulation mode."
Move to the ground, continue crying, and begin to manipulate her “mother’s heart" by saying choice phrases such as:
1. “But she needs her mommy so bad.”
2. “But she can’t go to sleep unless her mommy puts her to bed.” and my personal favorite....
3. “But I need to put Baby Nana in her crib and put her night-night.  She is so tired.  She is SO TIRED!!”
I will have everyone know that I was struggling at this point and almost gave in.  Seriously?!?!  Look at her! 

Drama queen: take three.
Full on freak-out mode.
For this portion of the demonstration, the camera had to be put down.  Let's just say that this part involves now laying on the floor while making gagging noises and dry heaving.  This would be the portion where mom picks the daughter up and carries her upstairs to put her to bed because it is obviously way past nap-time.

So all you moms out there....I want to know two things:

1.  Are your girls more dramatic than your boys (if you have both)?
2.  Do you use the "Toy in Time-Out" method or not?


  1. I am so going to use the "toy in time-out" method!!! I can definitely see how it would work!! I am not sure at how strong I would be b/c I wanna come over there and give emmy her baby, lol. Look at that adorable face!!! Your such a good momma C!

  2. Since the last time we spent a day at your house (or maybe the time before), we have been going hard core with the "good choices=good consequences" and vica versa. Thanks for the inspiration! and NO we have not used the "toy in time-out" (probably because I'm meaner than you and quickly move into "automatic spanking" method- which seems to be pretty effective) but I might just give it a try. However that might just mean Beau putting Tytus in time out or Tytus putting Beau, since they pretty much just play with each other during waking hours!! love ya, thanks for the mom ideas!

  3. I'm laughing out loud! This is hilarious! I thinking parenting sounds really entertaining. How do you not just die laughing at this stuff? Thanks for sharing, very entertaining.

  4. I don't have boys, but with 3 girls my house is FULL of drama!!!!!!! And yes toys get put in time-out. Usually because they older two girls are fighting over the toy, so it gets put into time out. I am so going to use your good choices= Good consiquences technique. My oldest (who is 7) is to the point where she wants a reason for everything, and that's a pretty clear reason. Thanks!

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