Friday, January 22, 2010

Garage Sale Find of the Week: The Barbie Bus.

I love garage sales.  My affair with garage sales started when I was a very little girl...once a year the Crosby's would go through our house and "clean out" all the old junk and have a garage sale.  My mom would always let us pick out some of our old stuffed animals and toys to sell at the gargage sale and we got to keep our profits from the sale.  Once I got older and could drive, I would find myself pulling into neighborhoods whenever I saw a GARAGE SALE sign posted.  I LOVE finding new treasures for DIRT CHEAP!  I found every piece of furniture that Michael and I used in our first house after we got married at garage sales.  And you want to know the best part?  I resold it two years later and MADE money on every single piece of furniture.  You gotta love that! 

Now that the weather has warmed up, the GARAGE SALE signs are starting to pop up again.  Me and the kids stopped by one today and I found two fun new treasures for only $12.  Emmy was absolutely thrilled with her new "Barbie-mobile" and I am super pumped about my sassy new stool that I am going to use in photography.  Envision with me if you will, a naked little newborn baby girl laying on that stool with a bright red bow on....CAN'T WAIT!  Here are some more pictures of the Barbie-mobile and what transpired after we got it back home.....

Little momma enjoying HER new $3 retro Barbie Bus. Or is it really hers?!?!

Uh-oh. Big brother was lovin' him some Barbie Bus as well.  Dad is going to LOVE hearing that.  Now this next picture I am sure is going to get me many nominations for mother of the year....

Yes, that is Emmy punching her brother.  "BACK OFF THE BARBIE BUS BROTHER!!!"  Hmmm....Do I put the camera down to break up the full-on hitting and freak out session over the Barbie Bus, OR,
allow World War III to continue in the name of capturing the moment?!?!  What is a mom to do???  CAPTURE THE MOMENT OF COURSE.

P.S. - You can submit your nominations for mother of the year now.  Yes, I allowed my children to fight for a few moments so that I could take a picture of it.  Yes, it was worth it.  Yes, I would do it again.


  1. I'm voting for two naked baby girls on the adorable stool! Maybe some tutus?
    Good job on the finds C!

  2. Definitely 'capture the moment' fact, I am ashamed to admit that for a brief second after Tytus threw up in the middle of Wal-Mart I started to reach in my purse and get my camera, just so I could prove how insane it really was...then I snapped out of it and realized this was not one of those times to "capture the moment"!!