Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Shout out to Sheila

Over a year ago my friend Trina introduced me to Sheila.  So began my addiction to embroidery.  Now I had embroidered a few items before, but I rarely did it because it was so expensive.  Then I met Sheila, and realized that embroidery could be inexpensive after all!!!  She has amazing prices!  I am talking a few dollars to get a onesie or a shirt embroidered.  So now Sheila is my go-to-gal for birthday presents, baby showers, etc.....  Here are some pictures of her handiwork.  I have to say....I think they make the cutest gifts!  Here is a tip: Target and Wal-Mart have adorable solid and strip patterned shirts that you can get for $3 to $5.  They also have a package of 5 solid colored onesies in the baby section (a package of boy colors and a package of girl colors). Buy some shirts and/or onesies, take them to Sheila, and have a monogram or a large initial put on it.....SO CUTE!  One quick note:  this is usually a good gift for kids age one and under.  Let's be honest....no 4-year-old little boy is going to get excited about opening a birthday present to find a monogrammed shirt.  Are you serious? I can just see the look of disgust on Easton's face right now followed by some awesome comment like, "What the HECK is that!?!!  I asked for a STAR WARS toy!!!"...resulting in sheer humiliation for his mother.  So let's keep the monogrammed gifts for the babies, girls.  Oh, and Sheila does adorable burp cloths, blankets, and pretty much anything else you can think of!
So next time you need a cute baby gift...give Sheila a call (91) 445-9235.  And make sure to tell her that Carissa sent you!

And one more picture of Sheila's handiwork....Cohen's newborn picture taken by the amazing Ashley Ann (http://www.ashleyannphotography.com/).  Probably one of my favorite pictures of him ever.  Just look at how cute that little monogrammed hat looks on him!


  1. Sheila needs a website...just saying. I have seen the onesies and they are darling!

  2. Clare has that same dress from Target and I LOVE it! What a wonderful idea to embroider her initial on it! Thanks for the idea. I wish I lived closer to Sheila...

  3. Adorable! I wish Sheila lived in PV!!